Sunday Sermon

Discernment as Love (Part 2)

Knowledge & Discernment In our last post we understood that knowledge and discernment are expressions of love. We saw that knowledge and discernment also means having the ability to discriminate rightly. But we have to look at the “why”—what’s the end game with discernment? The Apostle Paul wrote: “…so that you may approve the things …

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Discernment as Love (Part 1)

Charles Spurgeon once said that discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, but instead, knowing the difference between right and almost right. Today, it seems, we need this knowledge more than ever before. Making wise decisions, although challenging at times, because everything’s not always black and white, seems all but abandoned.  Days …

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Bless the Lord – Psalm 103 (week 2/part2)

Throughout Psalm 103, David pointed to the character of his creator. David first points out that God “benefits” His people—meaning that He cares for our well-being (v. 2). Next, David declares God to be a righteous judge (v. 6). God is then lauded as compassionate, gracious, and slow to anger (v. 8). He’s also wholly …

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